The review was carried out late last year to look at what changes to the legislation were needed to establish timeframes

 for key NDIS processes.

It also looked at what else needed to be done to get the NDIS working better for participants and their families.

You can read more about the review here

What will not be news to anyone, the report found that participants and their families find the scheme too complex,

too confusing, too inconsistent – and have to wait too long for everything. Mr Tune made 29 recommendations

for change. 

The full report runs to 224 pages, but a summary is available on the following web site

The recommendations cover areas like:

✅ seeing a draft of your plan before it is approved
✅ more help to navigate the scheme
✅ more flexibility in using your funds
✅ small changes to your plan without a full review

So, what’s next?

Frustratingly – but perhaps not surprisingly – the Government did not release its response to the report.

A media release by the Minister said:

“The Government will respond in the coming weeks with more details about what specific improvements we will be

making and how we will set the Participant Service Guarantee into law by 1 July 2020.”

This is absolutely critical because while the report’s recommendations all seem pretty practical and sensible,

 it will mean nothing if the Government and the NDIA don’t act on them. And fast.

So, we are calling on the government to release both their plan and a timetable for change.

Tell us what they are doing and when.

And most importantly – to hurry up and get their skates on. There is nothing new in this report,

 the findings are the same as every other review and the recommendations are frustratingly the same

as every other review. 

Which means there is absolutely no excuse not to get going immediately.