NDIS Assistance

The NDIS has dramatically changed the nature of disability support. If you are under 65, the NDIS is the support mechanism designed to provide your specific needs.

Gaining eligibility, the maintenance of the programme and your ongoing responsibilities can be daunting and are proving a source of stress for many new amputees of all ages and backgrounds.

TAS makes supporting amputees through the NDIS process our main priority. Our Peer Support volunteers can provide the necessary advice and practical assistance to ensure your application follows the correct procedure and includes the necessary supporting information
We will walk you through each stage of the process and ensure your application includes all information necessary for comprehensive ongoing support.

The Roll-out of the NDIS into Tasmanian Amputee will mean significant changes to how Tasmanian Amputees access services. In the past, the amputees were funded through the Tasmanian Artificial Limb Scheme which was administered by the Tasmanian Health Service (OPST).

 The responsibly for funding and assisting eligible amputees will now be through the NDIS.  This will provide amputees living with limb loss, greater choice and control as to the assistive technology available to them and to which service provider they use.

Amputees will be able to change providers at any time during their pathway with the NDIS.

To be eligible you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be under 65 when you make your application
  • Be an Australian Citizen or resident or permanent visa holder
  • Have a permanent and ongoing disability (upper or low limb amputation)
  • Need support to carry out your usual activities (wear a prosthesis or need assistance in other ways)
  • Meet the disability or early intervention requirements.

If aged over 65 years, you are not eligible for NDIS assistance. In most cases, you will receive support through the Commonwealth aged care system or Tasmanian Health System.

The Tasmanian Amputee Society can assist you with the process of transitioning into the NDIS or assist in supporting you with any inquiries you may have around accessing the programme.

How do I access the NDIS

For further information contact the Tasmanian Amputee Society. Only another amputee who has been through the journey truly understands what life living as an amputee is like.

A series of 3 NDIS Guideline documents, simplifying involvement with the NDIS is available from Tasmanian Amputee Society.

1. Understanding the NDIS

Download here


2.  Planning

Download here


3.  Using your NDIS plan

Download here

They are critical tools for avoiding the frustration of having to enter a new form of support.

You can download these documents from this page or request hard copy versions by sending an email to:


The guides are invaluable as a means of understanding how the NDIS works and how you can gain benefits from this system