Part 3. What to do before you travel and where to get up to date information.

In this episode I will provide some internet links so that you will be able to stay up to date with the very latest information before you travel. It is vital that you are thoroughly prepared before you leave home. To do this you need to do your research every time you travel because the situation can change at any time.

The first website to check is TravelSECURE.

At this website you need to open and thoroughly read all the headings across the top of the page including the imbedded links. Overview, Carry-on baggage, Passenger Screening, Travellers with specific needs, and Travel tips.

This website is being constantly improved and contains a wealth of information to help all travellers so make sure that you check all the information and understand everything that is relevant to your situation, especially the information about “Travellers with specific needs”. Under the heading “Travel tips” you will find links to the items that you can and cannot take onboard in Carry-on baggage and your Checked-in baggage.

Another useful website that may be helpful is the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) website :-

Here there are more links to “Travelling with a disability” and also “Dangerous goods”.  

The next websites that need to be checked are those for all the Airport terminals that you intend to travel through, and lastly check the website and travel information for the Airline Company that you will be using. Often the Airline information will be found in “the conditions of carriage” that is provided when you make your booking. If you cannot find the information that you require then contact the Airline company directly through their website or booking office.

I have only provided links to the relevant information in this bulletin rather than more specific detail and this is because your circumstances and experiences may be quite different from mine, and also the website information can change at any time so it is much better to check each time you travel so that you are kept up to date.

Part 4 and the conclusion to this series of articles will explore how to approach Airport Security Screening Operations, and where and how to seek help or assistance if you start to feel uncomfortable at any time during or after the screening process.